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Summerblooming bulbs

Summerblooming bulbs and perennials you can purchase with us using our Excel order sheet.
This Excel sheet you can request by sending us an email to sales@bloemimex.info

Check out the incredible beauties of the summer flowering bulbs.
Available from January to Mai, and will mainly be delivered in March and April.

                Anemona                                   Begonia                              Various bulbs

anemone.jpg begonia.jpg bloembollen-overig.jpg

                  Dahlia                                      Freesia                                  Gloxinia

dahlia.jpg freesia.jpg gloxinia.jpg

              Hemerocallis                                    Iris                                      Nerine

hemerocallis.jpg iris.jpg nerine.jpg

                  Peonia                                     Ranoncula                               Fixed plants

pioenroos.jpg ranonkels.jpg vaste-planten.jpg





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